Wildwood by Roger Deakin – Review

Part memoir, part travelogue, Wildwood by Roger Deakin is woven with rambling reflections and insights, loosely tackling its theme for a wide-ranging foray into the woods - without ever getting lost. Deakin discusses rookeries, the Green Man, eco-houses, even walnut-inlaid Jaguars in this lengthy reflection on wood as a lived and living thing. His warmth … Continue reading Wildwood by Roger Deakin – Review


Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez – Review

A wholly excellent synthesis of nature writing, biology, anthropology, environmentalism, and history, alongside a deeply personal reflection upon the Arctic that is entirely deserving of its classic status.Lopez writes with decades of experience, with this opus being a culmination of his passion for the (Canadian/American) hyperboreal. First published in the 80s, Dreams still feels fresh, … Continue reading Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez – Review