About the Author

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N G F Clark is a Yorkshire-based author with a long-held interest in the weird, the speculative, and the spectral. He has written a number of short stories (with more slowly being dredged from the creative dark), and is hard at work on a post-apocalyptic epic fantasy novel.

His ghost story ‘Rattenkönig’ won the Tethered By Letters Summer Short Story Contest 2014, whilst his seasonal short, ‘The Yule Ghoul’ was published as part of Tiny Owl Workshop‘s innovative Krampus Crackers project. He has also written non-fiction articles for various publications including Dead Ink, Literature Works, and Fantasy Faction.

His roots are in landscape, folklore, and worlds behind wardrobes. He plans sober, writes drunk, and edits hungover.

You can follow his banner or take up arms via Twitter: @ngfclark